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Currently, we have successfully reached the final, together with the Ministry of Culture and the National Monuments Institute, a statement of the preserved drive of the former mill and carpentry with a movable cultural monument. Poncelet's water wheel, together with the preserved transmissions, has been on the list of cultural monuments since April 2020.

Are you interested in this technology? All you have to do is contact us and arrange a date for a possible tour of the preserved monument.

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Implemented - Open Day - 29.8. 2020

Thanks to the subsidy title of the municipality of Rapotín, we obtained financial support for the organization of an open day, where we introduced the preserved monument to those interested. The event took place on August 29, 2020.

A pilot project of cooperation between Nemeleme, z. S., And two foreign partners was presented at the event, which is supported within the support of bilateral cooperation from the EEA and Norway Funds in the 2014-2021 programming period.

Invitation to event