Pilot project!

Following the reconstruction and conservation of the cultural monument, we would like to mediate educational activities for the public, offer facilities for meetings and workshops.

There will be also gallery spaces. We intend to actively participate in local environmental and cultural issues.

Bringing Life to the Rapotin Mill Reitendorf

Currently, our pilot project is bilateral cooperation within the EEA and Norway Funds in the 2014-2021 programming period. As part of the project entitled Revitalization of the mill Reitendorf, we have started cooperation with two foreign partners. We are working closely with Küefer-Martis-Huus, a partner organization in Liechtenstein, to develop a strategic plan for the operation of the Reitendrof cultural and educational center. The aim is to set up a strategic plan that will ensure the sustainable operation of the educational complex and cultural monument. The operation of the training center will focus on extracurricular and lifelong learning in the fields of environmental education and foreign language teaching. Organization Nemeleme working closely with his partner Sciencemonastery from Norway on the preparation of topics and topics for environmental education and on the revitalization of the mill drive fragment. In the future, the mill drive will serve to slow down the outflow and retention of water in the landscape, as a habitat for water-bound organisms and also as a landscape element with a positive effect on the local microclimate.

About project

Restoration and revitalization of a fragment of a mill race Reitendorf

The aim of the project is to restore part of the former mill race to retain water in the landscape in the fight against drought and to create a landscape element. The aim is to create a habitat for endangered and specially protected species of water-bound organisms and create elements for environmental education.

The aim of the project is to restore part of the old mill race, which powered the preserved Poncelet water wheel in the former mill in Rapotín. The location is situated on the river Losinka. At present, it isn´t possible to restore the entire mill race route due to ownership relations and the hydrological situation. The mill race fragment will have a landscaping and educational role as a water feature and will serve to retain water in the landscape, slow down runoff and allow water to seep into the river floodplain. An important function is the role of the habitat for water-bound organisms. We can also speculate about the habitat for the Ukrainian lamprey, whose refuge is often old mill races. The only population in the CZ has its center of gravity in the nearby tributary, in Račinka river. Its larvae also occur scattered in the section of the Losinka river leading around the mill. The project will include an educational information board to positively enlighten the project and life in the river and race. The project is part of a complex project to revive the Reitendorf mill (a future cultural and educational center with a cultural monument - which is managed by the Nemelme association).


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